At Fireplace Fashions we like to think of ourselves as the home of the well dressed flame. We have created a range of products that perfectly complement our line of Valor gas fires. Valor has an exceptional reputation in the fireplace industry for their flame beauty and uncompromising heat efficiency.

Our range of mantels, hearths and back panels provide beautiful options that enhance and dress these fine flames. We have given careful consideration to material, style, scale and quality - the result being some of the most unique, classic fireplace designs available.

These products are only available through the North American Valor dealer network. Our mutual dealers are authorized and trained to install both the fireboxes and various products we offer. They can help you choose the appropriate firebox for your home, and the right products to dress it.

Scale and proportion are critical when considering a fireplace - often mantels and fireboxes are chosen without considering how they balance each other out. We paid special attention to this when designing our mantels to ensure they are an appropriate size for most rooms. We offer a number of mantels in four different materials.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron has a distinctive quality and strength of character that is all its own. Iron mantels were fairly common in the late 1800’s and we have faithfully reproduced one of these, which allows the unique beauty and craftsmanship of the past to live again.


Jurastone mantels are manufactured with a true stone body then coated with a textured, durable finish. The end result is a product with the perceived value of stone, but the pricing of a concrete mantel.


Stone has been used around the fire since man first learned how to harness it. Stone adds a permanence and elegance to a fireplace statement that no other material can match.


Classic and timeless. Nothing says ‘fireplace’ like a wood mantel. The warmth and luster of wood and its ability to be shaped provides the perfect material with which to frame your fireplace.

We look forward to greeting you in our showroom and showing you our beautiful range of mantels.

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